You decide what’s next

We’ve just rolled out a new tool for compiling your feedback that will give us a clearer picture of where SlimTimer should go.

The tool is UserSuggest and with it you’ll be able to make suggestions and/or spending votes on existing suggestions that you would like to see implemented. Check it out at

UserSuggest is comparable to a Digg for feature requests or Dell’s IdeaStorm with one major difference: you have a finite number of votes to spend on one or many suggestions*. I have to give a nod to Joel Spolsky as I was inspired by his article on Setting Priorities wherein he describes giving a product team $50 dollars each to ‘fund’ the features they’d like to see in the next release. Our goals are to decrease the overhead required to manage your feedback (this means reducing the amount of duplication) and be able to easily discern the priorities for the community as a whole.

This constitutes Phase I of our plan to ramp on new development for SlimTimer. The next phase is to finally go freemium and create a premium (paid) subscription service to complement our free plan. More on that later.

Finally, this also means that the use of the message board for feature requests is now deprecated. I’d humbly ask anyone that’s posted a feature request in there recently to repost it on UserSuggest.

* your votes renew as suggestions are deleted or completed

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