Lighter, Faster Reporting

  • User filter now defaults to ‘You’ instead of ‘You+Friends’ (formerly ‘Myself’ and ‘All’)
  • Reports for just ‘You’ now run significantly faster than other options and than they did before hence why the default was changed.
  • Redesigned the interface to feel lighter and less cluttered.

  • Dropped some options (‘Last Week’*, ‘Last Month’, ‘Others’) that weren’t getting a lot of usage in order to simplify the interface. See the graphs below for some usage stats on those options.
  • Added a ‘Last 30 days’ option
  • Renamed the ‘Audit’ report as the ‘Invoice’ report

There was one other global, but subtle design change made and I’ve got a cookie for the first person who leaves a comment point out what it is.

Look for an announcements soon on how you’ll be able to participate in deciding our next features and also a final(?) answer about SlimTimer going freemium.

* update: The ‘Last Week’ option has since been resurrected due to overwhelming public support

Commentary & Supporting Statistics

The following were derived from a sample of ~2000 report requests pulled from the SlimTimer logs for a recent Monday. The graphs all represent what % of reports were run with that option. I used these results a supporting evidence when deciding which options to eliminate.

The two ‘Last’s came in dead last with only 3% each.

You don’t see ‘Others’ on here because it, when rounded, was 0%.

I didn’t eliminate the ‘Audit’ report, but rather renamed it to ‘Invoice’ as that’s a more apt description of it. I’m curious to see what effect, if any, a name change has on usage (though ‘Invoice’ maybe be too much of a tease, since it’s not an actual invoice) and will use these numbers as my baseline.

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