Calling all Underpaid Geniuses

We’re looking for people who use SlimTimer for their business to join our cadre of “Underpaid Geniuses” (aka Friends of Underpaid Genius). Here’s what you can expect from membership in this exclusive group:

  • You’ll help us understand your software needs by filling out a survey or through a short phone interview (or over coffee/pints if you’re in the Bay Area).
  • You’ll be invited to and be able to influence the early alpha and beta versions of the product.
  • You’ll received benefits like free premium accounts, t-shirts and other shwag.

We’d like to hear from everyone but we’re especially interested in talking to people/businesses who aren’t developers or designers (we still love you though!) such as lawyers, writers, business consultants, photographers, et cetera.

If you’re interested please email with a short blurb about your business and what software you use for things like project management, time tracking, invoicing and expenses (eg: SlimTimer, Basecamp, Blinksale, Quickbooks, etc).

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