Announcing Underpaid Genius: A Freelancer’s Paradise

I’ve often alluded to some big plans for SlimTimer and it’s finally time to peel back the curtain a bit.

Earlier this year, I sat down with social application guru and world class freelancer Stowe Boyd to talk about SlimTimer and where I was planning on taking it. He thankfully convinced me to drop some of my preconceived notions and to make a push to take things to the next level.

And that’s what we aim to do, take things to the next level by building a totally new application.

We’re taking what we’ve learned from SlimTimer about lightweight time tracking and applying those principles to the other side of the coin: finances. The application, affectionately named Underpaid Genius, will offer time tracking, budgeting, invoicing and financial analytics tailored to the needs of freelancers and small consultancies (who make up 3/4 of SlimTimer’s users):

  • More traditional Customer > Project > Task hierarchy
  • Set hourly rates or flat prices for Projects and Tasks
  • Time Tracking (derived from SlimTimer)
  • Tracking of time budgeted vs actual time spent
  • Financial Analytics
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Invoicing

… and other cool super secret features which we’ll talk about more when we get closer to launch.

I’m very excited these days because, in addition to getting Stowe on the team, I managed to talk Lance Ivy, the technical lead for ActiveScaffold, into signing on to be our project code wizard. This means I know we’ll have some uber clean code on the backend but more importantly it means I’ll be free to focus exclusively on the user experience which completely rocks!

This news has major implications, all good, for existing SlimTimer users?

  • We should have a better level of service for SlimTimer and be able to update things more frequently with an extra developer on the team.
  • We’re planning on monetizing the service so we have no plans to stop working on it or drop it even after Underpaid Genius launches.
  • When Underpaid Genius launches we’ll provide a way for you to painlessly transfer your data if you so choose, so you can continue blissfully using SlimTimer.

So get excited, but hold tight and we’ll keep you posted.

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